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22/12/2017 Jesus:
 “The iridescent life that I had on earth is the iridescent life you have before you
Don’t see me beyond this small child
who has come to beg you, straight into your hearts
which are sometimes hurt, sometimes joyful and sometimes ironclad,
to see that there are innumerable joys which are far vaster than what you can experience on earth.
Collect within you and amongst you
all your hopes and disappointments,
gather them and put them in one single bundle
and hand it to me; put it right into my hands
for me to untie the knots one by one
and show you that each one of your pains
is a grain of sand which allows your path to embrace its whole meaning and shape.
So keep this humble and simple vision
of this universal treasure buried deep in the little child that I am,
And you will see in yourself this infinitely greater universal treasure buried deep in each of the grains of sand that you tread on earth.
You will thus have an evanescent, subtle, but real, truly real, glimpse of who I really am and who you really are
I thank you and honour you in this miraculous and infinitely small and precious moment of eternity
Amen »
Channelled by Marie-Line Stephen

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