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THE GUIDES On channelling and the Bible 08/02/2017
     "The way most of the population sees things has evolved very little concerning those confusions which do exist around the world and beyond. We are guarding you against this kind of acting ; we are guarding you against fortunetellers who predict anything and everything and thus lead people astray. No one is supposed on earth to know what tomorrow is made of.
   This lack of knowledge is here for a good reason. It is here to enable you to walk serenely on your path and grasp each life experience with a lot of scope , with your arms widely open, without prejudices  and without any worry of what might happen.
   However there are some instances where knowledge is required to act. Remember we are also here to show you the way: to lead you back in the right direction when you walk away from it, to mark the boundaries which might hurt you if you hit them too often. It is essential for you to tackle these subjects with more calmness of mind,  soul purity and open-mindedness. You are naïve to think that you can never call upon us and you Marie -Line like many others on earth are here to remind people of our existence and that life offers much more than this material world in which you are so deeply mired.
   You always remain the master of your own acts and of your own thoughts ; so walk on your path with no hesitation and keep talking and listening to us while doing so and if by any chance you can't,  you can always ask those beings of light strewn around the world who are here to lighten up your path and to hold above your heads this lantern that we are-that God is- which will show them the way with its bright beam of light. Do not worry.The Bible is       the sacred book aimed at bringing the knowledge of the  Light Source that Jesus Christ and his Father represent in order to guide the world. Only see in these writings  the very essence of the words and stop taking every word literally. Rather see the meaning behind the word. Judge by yourself of the spirit behind each word because behind each word used by human beings is the Divine Source of Light that penetrates simply the whole book with  His holy vibration .
   Only see in this book the pale reflection of the Luminous Source that we represent and which we try to convey with every possible means, and they are numerous . Watch out for signs, watch out for figures; watch out for pictures that we're sending,  for the synchronicities  which are not so , and for the salutary and beneficial words of the mediums landed upon earth for the good cause.
  Sharpen your ears  and your eyes and avoid mingling them with fear or prejudices , in order to see the Luminous Light Source through no filter. Unload yourself of this burden you have carried for centuries. Unload yourself of all these beliefs you have slowly woven for ages; in order to open yourself purely and simply to all the wonders that are coming to you. Thank you"
Channelled by Marie-Line Stephen

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