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2016 JULY 20th
“Are the new games on mobiles harmful for people and the planet?
 "Life in each and everything is what has to be pursued at all times."
         “You pay too much attention to futile things. Stop your racing thoughts. This particular game is no more and no less than a game with its potentially good and bad sides. It’s up to each and everyone to balance the good and harmful effects of it.”
(to all)
 “The race against the clock however behind these games is the barrier you have set up between you and yourselves without even realizing it.
Those electromagnetic waves, which are invisible for you, grow darker and darker , as they get bigger and wider. It is time for you to get rid of this veil that separates you from the invisible, as you are slowly dying, unable to receive the essential vibrations of life.
We are not just talking about ourselves and the Heaven you don't see;  the existence of whom and which, humanity consequently refuses to acknowledge.
 It is time for you to see with astute eyes the invisible poisons you have created yourselves and erected as walls all around you and all around the planet whose own vibrations are immensely disturbed as a result.
 Man, in his infinite selfishness, doesn't see further than the tip of his nose and ignores the consequences of his acts dedicated to immediately quenching his thirst that his desires represent .He is unaware that they put him in jeopardy and put his life at risk, while he doesn't even dare to show any interest to certain humans’ attempts to open his eyes.
The monstrous frenzy of your society for the thousands of artificial desires that this very society has created with no kind of  remorse or scruples whatsoever will lead man to his fall. The gaping hole that awaits him is the unfortunate consequence of this man's race for his poisonous desires.
 But the race against the clock to stop man has begun. It is up to everybody's soul and conscience to take part in it ,in order to stop the building of this invisible but inescapable wall that will no longer let the essence of life penetrate your cells, which will eventually die due to lack of love vibrations, lack of light and of life. It is time for you to choose which side of the wall you want to be on.
Thank you »
Channelled by Marie-Line Stephen

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